Enovado (formerly Geovadis) is pleased to announce the release of the OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain online marketing index.

In this time of increased interest among southern European regional economic development authorities (EDAs) in attracting FDI, the use of high-impact but relatively low-cost online marketing tools is essential for gaining – and holding – the interest of potential investors. Following a close analysis of the 24 Italian and Spanish regional EDAs that utilize online tools to broadcast to an international audience, the OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain not only ranks the relative performance of these EDAs, but also goes into greater depth to examine how each EDA performs relative to others in the areas of:

  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Online Content
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some interesting insights that can be gained from OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain:

  • Size does not always matter – While being big sometimes helps, some smaller or less well-known Italian and Spanish regional EDAs punch above their weight with effective online marketing content. The OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain draws attention to regional EDAs that outperform their competition, while also sending a wakeup call to EDAs that are underperforming relative to their size and importance.
  • Increasing disconnect between social media and SEO – Perhaps showing a divergence between maintaining a traditional online website and pursuing a more aggressive social media presence through Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, the OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain shows a less clear link between social media usage and SEO.
  • It is all about personal connections – Potential investors are looking for somebody that they can approach directly at a regional EDA with whom they can discuss their requirements. And yet many regional EDAs do not provide contact information for key decision makers through their online marketing platforms. The OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain shows that many EDAs could do a better job of enabling direct communications between potential investors and EDA directors.

The OMIX is an ongoing series of analyses that examine the online marketing efforts of EDAs at the local, regional and national level around the world. Using 25 different objective and subjective measurements taken for each EDA across different online media platforms, the OMIX gives readers a consistent index through which online marketing performance can be measured, and from which future online marketing plans can be evaluated.  The previous OMIX analyzed national EDAs in Latin America, and can be found at http://www.enovado.com.

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