How to Craft Smart Solutions for India’s Smart Cities

“Cities on the past were built on river banks, they are now built along highways. But in the future, they will be built based on the availability of optical fiber network and next-generation infrastructure.” Narendra Modi - Prime Minister of India.   Accelerating urbanization is a potent megatrend, and nowhere more so than in the [...]

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LG Electronics to build $250 million home appliance plant in U.S.

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Sanofi and Lonza Enter into a Strategic Partnership to Establish a Large-Scale Biologics Production Facility

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Dyson shrugs off Brexit fears with massive UK expansion plan

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Nokia Sees Growth Opportunities in India, Japan, US Networks Markets

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OVH global expansion continues with new US data center

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EU parliament approves landmark CETA free-trade deal with Canada

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Siemens banks on Mexico for business

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Ballard Builds Out China Platform

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ABB wins multiple orders for electric bus charging stations

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