European Market Series – France | Chemicals

The first edition of Enovado’s European Market Series, as all following reports, is presented to support regional and national economic development organizations (EDO’s) that want to target specific European markets as part of their investment attraction activities. This series serves as a decision tool for evaluating European markets regarding their opportunities for investment attraction. It [...]

US Tax Reform Bill and the impact for FDI

The “Tax Cut and Reform Bill” was officially approved on 22nd December 2017, representing one of the most important steps of the American fiscal history. After months of discussion, the US Senate approved the reform promoted by Republicans and declared the first triumph in the Era of Trump. As per the President’s claim, the new [...]

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fDi American Cities of the Future 2017/18 – New York triumphs again

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ABB wins multiple orders for electric bus charging stations

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New Year, New Brand!

Investment Attraction and Market Entry are based on hard facts and the logic of supply and demand. Nevertheless, they are also a people business relying on relationships of mutual trust between all parties involved and fueled by the ability to build and maintain such relationships. For the past 5 years, the FDI experts gathered under [...]

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Limiting Liability when Entering the US Market

New clients often come to us because they are interested in setting up a US company, typically (though certainly not always) a subsidiary of a European parent. These companies are well aware that the US Market, while presenting great opportunities, also comes with large risks. They are concerned about the risk that a new, US-based [...]

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The “I” in TTIP

Recent official and accidental publications on the state of negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have raised the already heated public debate about the opportunities and threats of the item under negotiation to a new level of excitement. While unwilling to add yet another set of opinions to the notorious debate about [...]

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Release OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain

Enovado (formerly Geovadis) is pleased to announce the release of the OMIX 2016 Italy and Spain online marketing index. In this time of increased interest among southern European regional economic development authorities (EDAs) in attracting FDI, the use of high-impact but relatively low-cost online marketing tools is essential for gaining – and holding – the [...]

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Guest lecture at IUBH School of Business and Management

As part of the Master course “International Economic Policy”, taught by Prof. Jan Pieper, the IUBH School of Business and Management invited Enovado's (formerly Geovadis) Co-Founder Sebastian Nowack to hold a guest lecture on the topic of FDI, with a specific focus on how companies are conducting international location decisions. Sebastian’s presentation, entitled “Location Decisions [...]

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