Market assessment starts with a careful review of your current business. While we will not pretend to know your processes, your industry and your customers better than you do, our market knowledge will enable you to make better informed decisions about the risks and prospects of entering new target markets. Once the entry decision is made, the same expertise and experience can be put to use to identify the most feasible and beneficial entry mode.


Finding the appropriate location for a new sales office, R&D or service center, logistics hub, or manufacturing operation site in a new country is a process filled with many potential pitfalls and challenges. With wide variations in tax policy, human resources regulations and quality, as well as business incentives, informed location choices are as complex as they are essential to the success of your company. Our experience with location analysis and site selection projects for companies worldwide will help you to avoid costly – and possibly disastrous– mistakes.


Short of establishing a subsidiary by way of a greenfield investment, there can be various other (and often more suitable) ways to enter or strengthen your position in a new market. All of them will depend on finding local partners you can trust and rely on. Our experience, market insight and network of contacts can help you to identify, select and successfully approach sales partners or suppliers, joint-venture partners or acquisition targets that really meet your expectations.