The first edition of Enovado’s European Market Series, as all following reports, is presented to support regional and national economic development organizations (EDO’s) that want to target specific European markets as part of their investment attraction activities. This series serves as a decision tool for evaluating European markets regarding their opportunities for investment attraction. It further should be used when planning and preparing inward missions as well as their respective outreach campaigns.

Highlights – France | Chemicals

o We estimate the number of midsize (200-5,000 employees) chemical companies in France to be around 100 and selected about 80% of them for our analysis.

o Around 70% of them have 200-500 employees while the remaining 30% are equally distributed among the 500-1,000 and the 1,000-5,000 range.

o More than 50% of the companies are headquartered in just 4 French regions à a regional distribution that should be considered when planning in-market sessions.

o Foreign Location Map: The 80 companies whose foreign production locations we analyzed, operate in 51 locations, with an average of almost 4 non-French locations per company.  80% of them are in three major markets; Western Europe (110), Asia (77) and US/Canada (47).

About Enovado’s European Market Series

Enovado is planning to publish its European Market Series on a quarterly basis. Each edition will cover a new (European) country / industry combination. You are invited to suggest combinations you are most interested in, as well as any other feedback you’ll find valuable.

Enovado maintains relations with the majority of the companies analyzed and has developed a Foreign Location Map to showcase where companies from specific markets are investing abroad. It is important to note that foreign locations in this series are meant to represent production operations and not sales or ancillary offices.


Download full report (pdf) here:  France – Chemicals