Research is among the most often underestimated activities in the FDI business. Quality research helps to identify new investment trends, and it can prevent you from wasting resources on less promising investment projects or promotion campaigns. Researching FDI drivers, markets, industries, companies or location advantages is difficult, tedious, and requires either a lot of resources or the use of automated, customizable, and scalable tools.


Just like it changes the way of doing business across industries, the internet affects the world of FDI. In recent years, investors and investment promoters have become increasingly aware of the importance of online availability of relevant information. Our experience with implementing and editing the most popular web content management system will help you increase the usability and appeal of your site. Besides being the single most important source of information about you, your website can also serve as a valuable source of information about it’s visitors, their identity, preferences and information requirements. We enable you to retrieve such information and put it to use in your marketing and lead generation efforts.


As multi stakeholder businesses with long term project cycles, both FDI and business partner search pose very specific challenges to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Our track record of implementing and adapting CRM systems to account for such specific use cases, roles and project types will be beneficial for economic developers promoters having to deal with both existing and potential investors, but also for companies looking for resellers, suppliers or acquisition targets in a new market.


Our training offerings for investment promoters and economic developers cover the whole spectrum of our own investment attraction services and related tools and are fully customizable and scalable to fit even the most specific requirements.