Enovado’s European Market Series supports regional and national economic development organizations (EDOs) that want to target specific European markets and industry sectors as part of their investment attraction activities. This series serves as a decision tool for evaluating European markets regarding their opportunities for investment attraction. It can also be used when planning and preparing inward missions as well as outreach campaigns. Enovado maintains relations with the majority of the companies analyzed and has developed a Foreign Location Map to showcase where companies from specific markets are investing abroad.

Highlights – Germany | E-Mobility

o A small disclaimer: As one of the fastest growing sector where many traditional automotive OEMs and suppliers transition towards e-mobility, it is impossible to size an exact company pool.

o We therefore considered the fully e-mobility focused, midsize companies in Germany and estimate the number to currently be around 150 – 80% of which (116 companies) we selected for our analysis.

o Around 70% of the companies have 50-500 employees while the remaining 30% are larger corporations (500-5,000). About 75% of the companies are headquartered in the 3 German Länder Bavaria, BW and NRW – a regional distribution that should be considered when planning in-market missions.

o Foreign Location Map: The 116 companies whose foreign production locations we analyzed, operate 242 foreign locations, with an average of 2.1 non-German locations per company.

About Enovado’s European Market Series

Enovado publishes its European Market Series on a quarterly basis.
Each edition covers a new (European) country / industry combination. You are invited to suggest focus areas and regions you are most interested in, and provide any other feedback.


Download full report (pdf) here:  Germany – E-Mobility