As part of the Master course “International Economic Policy”, taught by Prof. Jan Pieper, the IUBH School of Business and Management invited Enovado’s (formerly Geovadis) Co-Founder Sebastian Nowack to hold a guest lecture on the topic of FDI, with a specific focus on how companies are conducting international location decisions.

Sebastian’s presentation, entitled “Location Decisions in FDI”, focused on the various elements of a typical site selection project, such as the definition of criteria and metrics, the weighting process, data gathering and analysis, the typical pitfalls during a site visit, incentive negotiations, and the final location decision. A recent case study was used to illustrate the various elements of a location analysis project.

The students of the two classes involved were active participants in the lecture, discussing and challenging the case study and lecture content. The attendees were so engaged with the discussion that the one and a half hours scheduled for the lecture was extended so that there could be further inquiries into the location consultant’s role within such a corporate investment decision.

Given the success of this first lecture, future engagements in a similar environment are being discussed to provide students with additional practical insights to the world of FDI, and about how both economic development agencies and corporations most effectively interact with each other.

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