“Cities on the past were built on river banks, they are now built along highways. But in the future, they will be built based on the availability of optical fiber network and next-generation infrastructure.”

Narendra Modi – Prime Minister of India.


Accelerating urbanization is a potent megatrend, and nowhere more so than in the world’s second most populous nation – India, with over 1.2 billion inhabitants. While India’s immense human capital reservoir is a major growth driver of its enviable economic growth its true potential yet to be managed to its truest potential.

The 2011 Indian Census found nearly 31% of India’s vast population lives within urban centers and contribute a handsome 63% toward India’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). By 2030, we can expect the figures to rise 40% and 75% respectively. Without a shred of doubt, India’s cities are its chief catalyst towards economic prosperity.

At Enovado, we are excited to soon share with you detailed insights into the potential wealth of collaborative business and investment opportunities the FDI community can benefit from. Keep an eye out for the second installment of our Enovado White Paper titled, “The Indian Smart City Opportunity”. This report will have a high degree of relevance towards identifying FDI opportunities for a variety of players through the course of the Indian Smart City revolution, such as: global and niche consultancies who may aid potential smart city candidates in framing their proposals to the federal government for grants and match-making with technologically advanced service and product providers of smart solutions. Innovative European manufacturers of products with a competitive advantage in the application of smart solutions. Data analytic providers, who may find opportunity in analytically synchronizing mass urban services and amenities. As would international project management service providers, with the intent of overseeing and managing pre-and post-implementation operations across Smart Cities.

Post market entry, returns on sector specific FDI from the aforementioned stakeholders can be generated in areas of:

  • Smart energy management system & technologies
  • Smart water management system & technologies
  • Smart transportation management system & technologies
  • Smart waste management system & technologies

Knowledge inclusions comprise of an exclusive interview from Indian Prime Minister Modi’s Economic Advisor who is spearheading the India Smart City Mission to create 100 smart cities by 2020, an exhaustive list of private, industrial and public contacts for foreign private sector participants along with sector specific opportunities across a series of verticals of value-added stakeholders can look to leverage in the $1.2 trillion budget earmarked for developing Indian Smart cities.

For foreign corporates contemplating market entry solutions in India a good touch point would be our previous report titled Investment Opportunities in India. We invite you to scroll our web-site’s ‘knowledge’ section to gain an in-depth access to benefitting from this and more foreign direct investment opportunities in India and other major global growth regions.